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Quality Control

Our highly efficient plant includes High Quality Extruders to Insulation/sheath cable with in line high voltage spark testing units and a precision diameter control. The factory is managed by expert cable engineers and staffed by well-trained and experienced men. Madison Wire (Europe) Ltd. has continually invested large sums of money in improving and modernising the machines to meet extremely severe demands on both performance and efficiency. Madison Wire achieved greater flexibility and steady quality level in the manufacture of cables.

Quality assurance of materials

Controlling the raw materials used in the manufacture of cable is a vital factor from the view point of Cable quality to achieve the high standards of quality and reliability of cables. Close and continuous control of raw materials and the manufacturing processes is exercised from raw materials selection up to finished cable leaves the factory. Materials are ordered against stringent technical specifications and are sampled for chemical, mechanical & electrical test and only after acceptance are they released for manufacture.


Madison Wire (Europe) Ltd’ produced insulated cable covers both standard products and custom built types for specific application. One characteristic of the entire production process is very though quality control. Every reel produced is tested on: Curing, Strip ability, Core Resistance, Final Resistance, Movement, Diameter, Concentricity, Shore-A and Dielectric Strength.

Frequent tests are made by external testing authorities to full ISO3808 requirements.